Wednesday, 11 June 2014

D for Dragons - fused and ready to stitch

I got the knot work pattern finished and outlined in gold yesterday. But my head got the best of me and I went to bed early without posting. It is a lot better today (my head), so I have got everything to the point that it is stuck down and ready to stitch.

Thinking out the binding...perhaps the same as the letter. Perhaps I need to dig out the gold shot dupion I used for the binding on this illuminated letter.

The size is actually long and narrow - 36"H x 18"w, so think of the creamy bit as about 1 1/2 in narrower on each side. I am going to do some of what the book calls 'pen flourishes' along the left side.
The book I am getting inspiration from is A Beginner's Art Guide to Illuminated Lettering by Marie Lynskey.

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