Monday, 16 June 2014

D for Dragons - Finished!

Binding sewn and photos taken. I need to put a sleeve on it, but besides that it is finished. There are a couple areas I am considering a bit more quilting, but I will look at it a while before I decide.

Stretching Art and Tradition 16: Illuminated Letters
The challenge:
For our 16th challenge, we ask you to examine, in the tradition of Illuminated Letters, an area of your life or an idea you would like to explore in a original quilt measuring 18" wide by 36" tall. Choose 1 letter and use it in your piece. In honor of SAT's origins, we ask you to identify an area or technique of fibre arts unfamiliar to you and stretch your artistic or technical ability by incorporating that area or technique in your piece.

The visible stretching part on this for me was drawing up the Celtic knot work patterns. But the main bit for stretching was trying felt as a wadding. I know someone who uses felt for most of her pieces. I did find it a lot easier to quilt because it didn't flop about like a piece with wadding does. However, I also used a brocade type fabric for the backing, so I am not sure how felt would do on its own. The 2 together, though, worked well enough that I would attempt it again.

One reason I used the brocade was because I used a bright yellow felt for the wadding. It seemed to add just a tinge of colour through the cream coloured silk. But I didn't really want the back to show bright yellow by putting white muslin or something as the backing. No, it doesn't really matter, but for me, I wanted the backing to continue the mood of the piece.

And another new thing for me was to try turning flames into a vine like quilting pattern. It worked very well, so I will probably do that again as well.

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