Friday, 6 June 2014

D for Dragon - continuing development

Gathering images and working a layout.

Some of these dragons were from Dover books which are copyright free. The horizontal dragons were from photos I took of some jade tiles at the British Museum, which I then manipulated in PaintShopPro to get a better idea of the edges. I have since gone over the shapes with a permanent marker and traced onto fabric using my light box.

The middle dragon has now been 'stretched'. I had already made it more narrow and taller than the original using the computer. But sometimes to get more natural length (you do realise dragons are 'natural'?) you just have to chop them apart and draw in bits to make it work.

Should hopefully have more to show after the weekend. At this point, the spotted dragon fabric has almost been edited out.

It seems to be a common thing for me to get inspiration from a fabric, then, once I have put everything together, to find the original is not required. Not a bad thing, it will have its day. I am just finding that these dragons are too small for the scale of the patterning of dots to work.

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