Monday, 17 March 2014

Halfway Between - TVCT

Hurrah the internet is fixed!

A few photos from last week. I only managed to get one of the setting up. My main job was cutting battens for hanging the work.
Here is a view of one of the outside walls. Labels were added later.

We had the whole area inside and all the outside walls as well! So, it meant we were able to use all the work submitted.

This is Jane painting some paper tape to cover the cord for Kate Findlay's piece 'Pink Dawn' which uses Fibre Optics.

This was another section requiring paint.
Merete Hawkins piece 'Kraka' showed up so much better with a grey wall behind it. The inspiration for her piece was the tale from Norse Mythology.

The story of Kraka is from Norse Mythology.
The Viking King Regnar set her a riddle.
‘Come back in the morning unclothed, but not naked,
unaccompanied but not alone,
unfed but not fasting.’
When Kraka appeared at sunrise, her long hair was combed out.
She was draped in a fishing net.
Her dog was with her and she had bitten into an onion.
As promised, King Regnar married her
and they lived happily for many years.

I will show some of the other work in the next few days. The exhibition seemed to be well received. It looks like we might be getting a few new members as well!

Contemporary Quilt also had an exhibition of work there. They wanted to get a wide range of work showing what could be done. When I sent 2 photos for Amanda to choose from, she decided that as they were quite different, she would have both.

So, here is 'Menina de Favela e Água'.

The piece hanging next to her was also watery using shibori. They worked well together. But I was talking with someone at the time and didn't remember to read whose work it was, so I haven't included it here.

and also 'Endless Possibilities' which had its own space.

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Thank you Sandy for the photos. Look forward to seeing the next batch