Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Halfway Between - TVCT - 2

The Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles group are very privileged to have a large number of artist who do innovative work to a high standard. One of these is Kate Crossley.

The Exhibition - Halfway Between - has 3 of her pieces in it. Kate submitted two pieces, but having seen a piece she had submitted to Festival of Quilts last year, I asked if she would also add that to the exhibition.

Book at Bedtime was displayed directly outside of the opening.* This was a great place because it was so interesting it drew a lot of the people in to see more.
163 x 115cm

It is something that requires standing there for moments at a time to take it all in. Amazing.

Inside we had 2 of Kate's pieces which were formed by embedding stitch and found objects into resin. With the lighting provided by the K+S organisers, the work glowed.

Many people were drawn straight to the piece In the Beginning there was Void.

And after coming out of their reverie looked around and headed to this work Chrysalis.

The technique requires a lot of patience and perseverance to execute. This Chrysalis was the 3rd because the resin process went wrong with the first one, then the second one, being finished, laid on a table. Then it rolled off and broke! I think the persistence paid off.

You can find out more about Kate Crossley by visiting her website.

All of the work has been taken to the National Needlework Archive in Newbury (Greenham Common) today to be exhibited from 19th March – 30th April. It would be worth your while to go and see these pieces more closely. Check the website for opening times. I think it is only open on weekdays, with the only Saturday opening being the 5th April. I will post more of the K+S exhibition photos tomorrow.

*I must say Thank You to Margaret Ramsay who did a stellar job with the main curating task of arranging placement of the work for K+S. Jane Glennie made a mock up of the gallery (photo here on Margaret Cooter's blog - we never thought to take a photo of it so I am glad Margaret Cooter came by when we were setting up) and with Margaret's arrangement, we could get right on with the work with only a few adjustments.

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