Monday, 10 March 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." fabric packet adjustments

When I did February's beads, it was with the idea that the fabric packets would be made on alternate months like the fabric beads were last year. I used 1 inch squares, but found they were really a bit fiddly.

So, last week I did a trial of other sizes - looking ahead to what size I would use for the rest of the year. I still wanted them small, but not that small.

So, here are the different sizes.* The size written at the side is the size the fabric was before it was folded into a packet. I also tried a different purple. (The beads I used round the edge were yellows that were too similar to others during the month - so I gave them their moment here.)

To look at the size, they don't look too much different. But after doing the very small ones the largest ones seemed massive! They do need a lot more beads to work right.

I think I will go with 1 1/2 inch squares. noticeably bigger, but not so big as to need a lot extra beads.

* I realise I mixed the measurements. but if you look at your ruler with both cm and inches, you will see they increase incrementally in size. I decided 4cm would be just that much too big for my purpose. I want to use them in a similar way to how I will use the fabric beads from last year.

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karen said...

I like all the sizes Sandy, they each have their own charm. Individual beads become more of a focus with the space on the larger pieces, the smaller ones have an encrusted feel to them.