Friday, 29 June 2012

York Minster

After Leeds, we went to York and visited my MIL before heading back. My husband dropped us off by the Quilt Museum, where we visited the CQ quilt, "Rule Britannia"...part of the Celebrating Diversity exhibition.

I took a photo, and then learned I shouldn't have. So, I won't post it here. But you can go to the newsagent and get a recent copy of Popular Patchwork. I need to get one myself! I had 6 pieces selected to go into the quilt. I think plans are afoot to make some of the pieces into cards...but we will see if it happens.

It was chucking down the rain all day, so no outside photos of York, but plenty of York Minster. Even though my camera battery ran out before we finished!

A few of the items of interest:


I have seen photos, in Costume history books, of the Tudor family on this memorial. Pretty awesome in person.

Much inspiration from various patterns.
The chapter house ceiling.


and even the chairs!
which were all put away directly after I guess, to make way for the Grass.

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