Thursday, 28 June 2012

Royal Armoury

While we were in Leeds, we went to the Royal Armoury. We didn't have long because for some reason (!) I rather ran out of steam by that point so didn't get motivated til after lunch.

A fascinating place.
I did prefer the knights and tournament side more than the hunting and the 'g(l)ories' of the Empire. There were some interesting pieces in the Oriental Gallery, though. I hadn't worked out a good setting for my camera, so most of the photos are pretty blurry with lots of reflections from the glass. Here are a few that are better.

Child Armour - seems hard to understand, but then again - think of the cowboy costumes, the camouflage t-shirts/trousers, and fighting film heros modern kids dress in. These boys would have wanted gear 'just like dad's' to play in and it would get them used to moving in tin cans while they were young enough to not mind!

Stirrups - an example of some of the decorative gear for more than the men (I have photographed alot of the decorative armour before, so didn't this time.)

engravings in the skirt of armour worn by Henry VIII. I was able to get closer to this piece this time than when I went before. I used the design here as inspiration to develop for some of my City and Guilds work. Mainly the decoration on the coat 'Tudor Glows'.

I was fascinated by the work which went in to decorating weaponry and hunting weapons. Rather ironic in a way. and I can imagine hard to keep nice!
The display these crossbows were in gave me a bit of insight on how they eventually came to the concept and shape of guns from the original bows.
more decoration - the mother of pearl inlays must have costed a lot.

even the accessories for the weapons were decorated.

an amazing piece in the Oriental Gallery. I love the shape of the garment.
I hope to go back again sometime when I don't have to dash and get a closer look at some of the garments like that.

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