Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sky Princess processes

A few more detailed process photos.

I didn't like the way the collar flopped originally. I thought it would stand the way I made it, but instead, it hid all the beads and sequins and showed the plain inside.
So, I discovered an organza bag that had held chocolates. Made a new collar and attached it to the inside and beaded it well.
Now it stands nicely!
You can just see it round the ribbon and info card.

Here are some steps about the clouds.

I layered the silk metallic tissue over the indigo dyed habotai silk and then put a stabiliser on the back. I used a tear away foundation piecing paper because I had loads of it and don't really use it for anything. Because the back would be enclosed, I didn't have to worry about the bits of paper that remained in the stitching.

First I drew my cloud shapes with a dressmaking chalk pen.
Then I free machined the outlines and curves.
Then I free machine zigzagged over those lines.
Then I removed the paper.
Positioned the clouds.
And then free machined them to the coat following the outer edge of each cloud.
Fun! - or not so much. The inside isn't as nice as I would like because I had made the lining and the outer layer of metallic tissue in one - with french seams. So, by free machining the clouds through the layers, there were several issues with the loose lining billowing inside. But I did manage not to sew any puckers.

And there we are!

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