Wednesday, 13 June 2012

offcuts - end of May

My sis got to come to the TV Offcuts sewing group meeting at the end of May. She had met my friend Gabrielle one of the times when I went to Houston. We found some headbands in a shop like some my niece has, so my sister decided to raid my quilt fabric stash to make some more.

We had fun both trying to use the same machine! Well, I could have taken my good one, but it wasn't too bad.

Some of the other projects:
Elaine's quilts

 Gabrielle - a new summer dressing gown
 Gill G - sewing away
 Juliette explaining something (I have forgotten what!)

Mavis sandwiching a quilt

Sheila getting to grips with her overlocker

Me working on more of those jeans bags. I never did get back to them after that! Perhaps after the current "needs to be delivered the 17th" deadline.

GillG - forget what she was sewing, but I loved her painted blouse.

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