Thursday, 3 November 2011

family stuff

a Certain Lad is doing Movember in reverse.

He is on Mutton Chops now.

Shall I say he is suddenly coming out of his shell, or what?

If you want to know details if you'd like to donate, email me or leave a message making sure I can find your email through your profile.

other things:
I have heard my brother is in hospital again after already spending about a month in there and being home only a couple weeks. Serious pneumonia. He has been in and out of ICU and back and forth from the local hospital to the big one in a town about 60 miles away.

Hopefully it is just complications from meds which should improve now that they are going back to the old ones. He has gone far beyond the average life expectancy for a kidney transplant recipient. So, every day has been a bonus. But when this sort of stuff starts happening, you wonder if it is all beginning to break down again. :( I think it must be about 20 years now since he had a rare kidney disease. I can't remember how long he was on dialysis. He was told the average was 10 years for the first transplant.

Somehow he has to make it through the severe Maine winter which has begun early this year. (I am not keen on going to Maine in the winter again this year! after 2008 and 2010)

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