Saturday, 12 November 2011

Refashion challenge - 3

Yes, it has been a week or so. Last weekend was doing Happy Birthday things for a Very Good Man for which A Certain Lad came home. We went out to eat one night, went to see Tintin the next day, gave some presents on Sunday and took the boy back to uni, then more pressies on Mon which was the day, but I was teaching in the evening, so he was by his lonesome. and then I made a special meal on Tuesday.

Also, I have been sorting and resorting paperwork and dashing to Reading for a meeting. Two reasons...I am being observed (or rather my teaching is) on the 14th and the college is being Inspected from the 21st. They are likely to visit my class.
I think I should be alright. The thing that makes me most nervous is that each time I was to be observed the last 2 years, a student decided to throw a wobbley out of the blue about 5 min before class. Which made teaching sensibly a bit difficult.
Many prayers, I must say, are going up about calm students as well as a calm tutor this time!

However, I did a sample of embroidery at the weekend to see what I wanted to do with the skirt for the refashion contest. I was able to make a bit of progress on it. I stopped for a few more threads - Coton a Broder and perle cotton when I was in Reading. Remember I said I was taking inspiration from Karen Ruane.

If you don't hear from me. I am focussing on the job thing.

Oh, and somehow in the midst of it all, teaching a workshop on Saturday for the Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles. yes. well, in theory, I wasn't busy, you see. Or at least not when I said I could do it. We are doing fused papers to stitch into and use in your work. So, a couple days I was doing samples for that.


Ruth said...

Sandy, I work in a FE college too - I know what you're going through, but from what I've seen on this blog you have absolutely nothing to worry about from those nasty inspectors. You are an incredibly busy lady - excellent time management skills - Grade 1 outstanding!

karen said...

Sandy, this looks beautiful...such lovely embroidery. Sorry you couldn't view the video, it's also on my flickr and facebook pages if you wanted to try those.