Thursday, 17 November 2011

Still here

I survived the observation. No formal feedback yet (the observer is the head of several departments, so is up to her ears with stuff for Ofsted) but the comments were good.

Thanks, Ruth, for the encouraging words in your comment on the last post. I was going to reply, but I was afraid it would all go pear shaped! Should trust myself more!

What I AM glad about is that the students were lovely. and 4 decided to stay home for one reason or another! Which really did help. :)

just because I need to hear them again :-p here are the comments:

I can see you have a challenge with so many different modules and levels within the class but you are very confident and are coping very well. However, your planning docs cover everything, you can obviously glance at them quickly for guidance. I thought yet again this year your confidence has grown, the way you interact with the learners is very good and I could see they were all enjoying the course and it was meeting their needs. You had clearly thought very carefully the best path to follow for them ... - well done, this is really learner centred and exactly what we like to see at ND.

So, onward to Inspection...
Today I went up and draped fabric on the dummies so they look nicer. ;-)
and did a couple posters.

The work in the corner is by one of the college tutors who is also taking dressmaking courses. My students weren't happy with the idea of putting work out where other classes might finger them and then still have to submit them to C+G afterwards.

Now, back to getting ready for the TVCT meeting and workshop... I have also been sorting out some details for the exhibition we are going to have at the gallery in Bracknell. Gallery@49. They have asked for work from our Exhibition at Slough Museum earlier this year.

I will put up more info about that another day.

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Celia said...

Well done - and good luck with Ofsted.

Sometimes I don't miss teaching...