Friday, 4 November 2011

Refashion challenge - 2

So, yesterday I spent most of the day doing the seams, which were not easy, as I had to get every thing to line up properly to get the binding to look even on both sides. Remember I said I thought I might do slot seam. WELL, I realised that would have made it even more difficult.

I was well chuffed with the centred zip at back which because of the extra trim on the seam stays nicely hidden.
Still flapping because the right colour zip in the stash was too long. I want to make sure it is well secure in the waistband or facing before I chop it off. I have learned that lesson before!!

And then this morning I tried it on to check the size. I had added a bit to each seam thinking I needed it because I have grown a bit since the last time I made it.

Well, not 10cm extra!! which is how much too big it was. ...

So, today I have spent all day un picking from the hip up at least to take it in. I took the centre front and back panels in 2 cm where it would have been a dart. I still needed 2 more cm. So, took out the wonderful zip and redid those seams. It had better fit now! It wasn't just taking each one in, it was taking the binding off to a certain point and then measuring in further lining the binding back up again, sewing it on, and then resewing the seam.

Compare with the photo above

So, then this evening I did the next step (having set up the machine for it last night, and having to reset it up after all the palavar above.) I want to do some stitching, so I chose this interesting curvy buttonhole stitch variation.

I am really pleased with it. I used the thread I had got for the fushia part of the dress I made for the fashion show. I nearly ran out!! Partially because I used two threads to get the thickness I wanted. It was the right colour, but didn't show enough with one thread.

Oh yeah, and I put the zip back in nearly as easily. and you still can't see it. to bed.

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