Thursday, 24 November 2011

Refashion challenge - 4

I have been so grateful for this skirt to focus on during all the other things going on. Just sitting is not something I do very well, but I have really needed to de-stress. Sitting and making french knots has been very useful for chilling out.

Here is the front section complete.

Now I am going to put on the waistband and hem it. Then I can work something small on the back depending on the amount of time I have to submit the review by the 30th.

As for college, now that I have got over the 2day migraine, it doesn't seem so bad. Apparently with everyone doing something different because of the classes being combined, rather than looking at it as diversity in learning and learner choice in learning, I was told the session lacked focus. But the inspector couldn't clarify that! She did praise the detailed planning and said it was apparent that I knew what they were doing and they knew what they were doing. But anyway, it still satisfactory, and I guess you can't really hope for more from Ofsted.

anyway, whilst sitting embroidering yesterday, I finally got to watch the first Quilting Arts TV DVD which my husband got me a few years ago! I may use some clips for showing students.


Ruth said...

Oh I have been waiting for this! Your work is breathtaking
and what a great de-stress technique too.

Sandy said...

Thanks Ruth! It is like doodling. one stitch at a time.

karen said...

I adore this embroidery, it's fabulous. As for daughters partner was given a satisfactory and it gave him the ''hump'' for weeks!!! I think they try to keep you down, in your place, justify their existence.....