Thursday, 22 September 2011

Whatever Floats exhibition - Review

A couple weeks ago I got a cryptic email from my friend Jane which prompted me to open my issue of the Quilter before lunch.
A great review by Lois Bellew of the Exhibition the Thames Valley group had at the Slough Museum.
That was a lovely surprise.

Also, during the madness of recent weeks, I sorted 2 more things hanging on my cupboards. These 2 blouses were originally dresses I got - reduced to less than a fiver each last year. As they were straight up and down types of dresses and I haven't got a straight up and down body...I had intended to make them into blouses all along. So now they are.
I added the extra ruffle at the bottom of the linen one. It seemed a bit short because of where I had to cut it just above a buttonhole. But even though the ruffle isn't very long, it seems to finish it well. The sleeves on this blouse could have done with taking off reducing in the shoulder/neckline area, but I knew that would have meant it stayed on the cupboard another year. So, I tried smallish shoulder pads in it and they were fine. I had some rescued from something else a while back, and with the remnant chopped from the bottom of the dress, I had plenty to cover them.
I found out I didn't really have blouses/tops to go with the green trousers, but now this does. Nice! makes a change from jeans and a top or t-shirt.

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