Sunday, 4 September 2011

Finishing and woking out problems

well, having said that I couldn't put off college things any longer, I found I could. :)
So, on Saturday, I finished this skirt. I had got it right to the place where I stitched in the lining round the zip and needed to finish the hem. Well, that is where I discovered I had used the skirt block that said to add to the bottom, which I hadn't done. has been on the cupboard til now. In the meanwhile, I have made sure I won't make that mistake again.

So, just to get it finished, I decided to take a strip of fabric and just slightly pleat it at intervals. This is the chop-chop-sew-sew method. Get the piece of fabric, notice the extra amount in the middle is just a bit bigger than the amount of each panel at the hem. Try the skirt on and sit down to work out how much to add to the bottom. Cut 4 strips 10cm wide, stitch them together and then match and pin at seams. Pin at the centres of the panels and make a small inverted pleat. Pin at the 1/4 sections of the panels and make more small inverted pleats. Since the measurement at the front is slightly shorter than the back, make an extra inverted pleat at CF. stitch it down, finish edges. et voila!
So, then I started thinking which blouse would go best with it. I liked the idea of a white blouse, but the plain ones looked best, but felt too plain. So, I simply stitched patterns in blue!

Whilst I was on a roll, I decided to finish off the dress I had made as a working toile. It just needed the neckline finished and the buttons added. I had used fairly strong interfacing because I knew I wanted to use the big heavy buttons. I thought that button holes might have to be various sizes for the various shapes and would probably be so big there would be problems with the openings gaping. I decided that because I could get it over my head without unbuttoning, I would just sew the buttons on through the layers. So...I did.

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