Wednesday, 21 September 2011

EquilARTeral and other things

Things have been rather mad around here with popping to Yorkshire for a Certain Mother-in-Law having a 91st birthday, and then a Certain Lad going back to uni. And in the background worrying about my brother who is quite ill in hospital and the most mad...the beginning of college. Which I won't get into as I am trying not to think about it.

So, having a bad head yesterday and a worse head today, I decided to start investigating ideas for the new challenge our EquilARTeral group is doing.

We hadn't done anything together for ages because we got caught up in the exhibition Whatever Floats Your Boat by Thames Valley Contemporary Quilt at the Slough Museum. So, we didn't spend much time together talking about anything else!

But now we are hoping to do something for us again, and we are looking at the idea of using a book in some way.

So, this week I have been investigating Book Sculptures. I frequently follow links admiring this sort of work. So I googled the phrase "how to make book sculptures." Through that I got an idea of what I might like to attempt. You should try it, very interesting things going on out there.

Then I had a look at the rescued books I have picked up here and there.
I have used a bit of this book about writing letters before. So, I decided to combine that with something else I am interested in...Letters from Illuminated Manuscripts or at least from books from the Middle Ages.
At this point I am thinking of using these letters with the writing letters book. They seem to want to go together. I am going to combine some of the letters to create the ones needed to complete the modern alphabet.

I am not sure if we are meant to use stitch, too. But once I get going, I can work that in.

I saved the pages from the Writing Letters book about how to address letters to Royalty! I might need it. HA! Well, at least they might want to be in their own piece of work. ;-)

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