Tuesday, 6 September 2011

more finishing

A few more of the wearable toiles hanging on the cupboard doors. Really they are on the way to getting to finishing the jacket toile which I hope will finally be the result.

Trousers finished - finally trousers that fit me properly. I know I can go ahead and make more when I get a chance.

Blouse finished...made on the way to getting the dress right. But now I can make some more blouses and tops.

This may not seem so exciting to you, but it is like having a whole boutique available with everything in your size, and also in styles and colours of your own choice.
Mind you the toiles were made of what was on hand and I have finished them to wear.
BUT...the next ones!

1 comment:

Valeri said...

Ah! If you can make trousers that fit you then you know you have arrived!