Friday, 2 September 2011

Rucksack prototype

Well for some reason the internet was not working at all yesterday. So, while I could not sort the photos for the secret project no 3 and post them, I did finish the rucksack.

Plenty of pockets

Verdict? It works. It is lightweight. You can use it like a bag if you don't want it on your back.

oh rubbish, blogger just ate the rest of the post.

Problems? It is too complicated - well mainly all the extra contrast bias binding trim.

I wanted to fold down the top corners to make a point, like a bag I saw at FOQ, but I had already put the large pocket on, so when you fold the points down it causes a lot of confusion around the area of the pocket closure.

I wanted adjustable straps, but I seem to have put the buckles somewhere reasonable because 'I never use them' and I guess I put something else in that drawer.

Make the bottom D shaped instead of oval shaped so the oval doesn't poke into your back. This was a clever suggestion from the resident university student who 'wears rucksacks all the time, so I know.' He has also suggested tabs at either side at the bottom to attach the straps to, for some reason of improved wearability which I have forgotten.

But I have a rucksack for the present drawer because I am obviously going to find I need a present for someone and it will be just right.

And now I am off to sew something in preparation for upcoming college units. Yes. It is getting near that time again and I can't put this off any longer.

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