Monday, 5 September 2011

Finally, the post about Secret Project no. 3

Dragon Wear
The third garment for the Fashion Sans Frontieres show at the Festival of Quilts was to be Wearable Art. As you might have guessed, I thought...Something a Dragon might wear!

When I was looking for lining for the other garments, I found this net which already would give the look I had thought I would need to do by machine.

I also had an old faded red velvet curtain that a friend had given me ages ago. I hadn't realised how faded and it was quite a puzzle to cut out a long skirt. But with the net over some of the sections where the fading could have been noticed, it was fine.

Next I used patterns from my machine to stitch a grid over the surface. The washed surface fabrics were stitched to unwashed loomstate calico. Then I washed it all and the resulting shrinking of the calico caused the puckering texture I wanted. This is my version of a technique from a Threads magazine a long time ago. I call it shrink texturing.

Fabric after being shrunk

I will pause to tell you another problem encountered...while sewing the patterns across the skirt, my machine began to get confused. In the middle of doing herringbone stitch it started doing serpentine! When I had given it a rest, it still was misbehaving. Even going straight it would suddenly reverse. So, it was time for a doctor. My dealer is very good and was able to replace the board which controls stitches and also the other main board on the warranty (which if taken by the letter of the law had expired last year...even though it is only 3 years old). However, I didn't get it back til the weekend before the show. I was able to use a Pfaff 7570 that my friend has loaned me for a backup machine. So, I did all the rest of the work on the garments with it.

The skirt

and back to the Dragon Wear gown. I had red satin to use for the bodice. It was a more orange red while the curtain velvet for the skirt was a more blue red. But with the net over it, the difference wasn't so clashing. I also fused net to red synthetic organza using black Misty Fuse. I made wing like shapes which I attached in various places on the bodice and skirt.
Bodice front

bodice back

Close up of the details on the garment.

I was going to do a cape, but ran out of time in the end.
But here is the Dragon Wear outfit on display

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