Thursday, 25 August 2011

TV offcuts July meeting

So I am still taking time out from sewing at the moment. For my birthday my husband got me a programme for keeping track of the genealogy information I started collecting this year. I waited to start using it until i got the big projects out of the way. So I have been enjoying putting the pieces of the puzzle together this week.

However, I better catch up with the photos. I want to put a few up about the garments for the show. But at the moment, I want to get the other ones out of the way first.

Busy things that were happening at the TVOffcuts sewing group at the end of July.

Sheila always has an interesting project. I think this was destined to be a bag.

Anne and Caroline braved sitting on the M25 for over an hour to come. I still can't believe they come all the way from near Stanstead!

Elaine and Caroline chattering away whilst accomplishing something.

I am always amazed that Gill C works with one bare foot! Lyn is beavering away with the knits again.

Juliette, Gabrielle and Mavis working hard. Mavis had been given the task by her daughter to copy a dress - never mind the fabric was quite different altogether. But she managed to get it all cut out. She did the instintive route rather than tracing and so on. She really works fast. I hope it fit.

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