Friday, 26 August 2011

London and changing the guard

Last week before our Dutch visitor went back home, we went into London to see the changing of the guard and Buckingham Palace.

We saw the exhibition of the Dutch landscape paintings in the Queen's gallery, which was rather a co-incidence for our friend. I really like the paintings in the palace though. My son actually went along with me and discussed the paintings in both places. That was a new experience. We liked some of the same things, and scoffed at some of the same art speak comments on the audio guide.

I was able to see THE wedding dress and get a better idea of the construction of the train. You can't take photos in the palace of course. But, I am pretty sure it is done on a similar principle to the draped wedding gown I did for my city and guilds.

Here are a few photos from seeing the changing of the guard. We saw them come out of one barracks and then rushed across the park to see them come out of the other place. I was really struggling with my hip for some reason that day, so I am afraid hobble was more like what I was doing throughout the day.
A flag on the Mall whilst waiting

Just come from the barracks. There were police on horseback minding the crowds so the troops could pass.

Wonderful music

Serious protection!

Glimpse of the Eye on the way through the park.

At the other side, coming from Wellington Barracks

more music

One of the best views of the day. A fairytale right in the middle of London and I didn't even know it!

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