Sunday, 21 August 2011

Here I am again!

Well, the blip of not posting was rather too long I think! It wasn't that I hadn't anything to post, but all the extra time I had was taken up with sewing, making, thinking about the garments for the Fashion Sans Frontieres show at the Festival of Quilts. If you hadn't worked it out, that was what Secret Project 1, 2 and 3 were about. I am waiting for some official photos, although I do have a few that my DH took. over 100 to be honest! (yes! He actually went to see the show!)

Spring Showers

Small Talk

Dragon Wear

In the meanwhile, I have ...
- photos from 2 of the TVOffcuts sewing meetings - June and July.
- a few in progress photos of the garments being made.
-photos of events at Reading Arts week. I demoed at the Big Art Picnic again.
- photos of the work done by C+G students and displayed for the External Verifier near the beginning of July.
- photos of the Fashion show put on by all the students/tutors in the Fashion department
- photos of a few different places we have been through the summer with a Dutch student who was staying here, such as Art in Action
and then last week going to see THE Wedding Dress at Buckingham Palace.

I think I will make a few posts about the various things as I get the photos sorted, just for my own record as much as anything. And now that I have had a little break last week from sewing (reading; tidying the studio so I can find things!) and our student has gone home, I can start back in with photos of what I am currently doing. I want to play around with a few ideas for "just because" before I get back into preparing for college.

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