Tuesday, 23 August 2011

C+G External Verifier visit

Here is a glimpse of the displays and work my C+G students did for the visit of the C+G external verifier. Rather than being intimidated by these visits, I look forward to them because our EV is actually the head of department at the college where I did my C+G qualification! I think it helps that I know what sort of things she looks for and considers important.

Displays for year 2 - a bit more to show as the year 1 students are still at the design stage for their first garment. I think I am going to trim the sampling even a bit more this coming year. We always do more than the required amount, but somehow most of the students don't seem to be able to work fast enough to get everything in.

I have rubbed out surnames just for privacy.
Frances -
a close up of the technique samples.

I love the way she presented her pattern cutting work!

Her trousers show great skill. Look at the curved faced hem!

These are the ideas for the blouse Frances is currently working on.

Julia -
The blouse Julia is currently working on. Here she is in the toile. you can see the design ideas on the display table.

Year one sample work. This includes: Techniques, Design, and Pattern work.

and Skirt design ideas.
Anna -

Nana -

Holly's toile

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