Tuesday, 23 August 2011

more Art in Action

the previous post was getting too full, so I will continue here.

There were some amazing pieces of art on show, as well as fascinating demonstrations of the work being done. I had heard about a project in the textiles tent before I went. The project is called The Unfinishable. A group of textile artists are collecting unfinished work from others and then will do something with them to finish.

I knew just the piece to donate. I started this somewhere around 1977/78! It was for my aunt who was about to have her first at around age 42. Well, the baby has obviously grown and even has recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. He is married and has children!

The reason I never finished is because I couldn't resolve the situation with the baby on the blanket. and eventually I hated the fact that I had used remnants of dress fabrics, including polyester doubleknit/crimplene. I guess the reason why I kept it was because I had been very pleased with the piecing of the chest of drawers and the stitching on the 'pictures'. What I find interesting, after thinking I have only been doing textile art in the last decade or so, is that I had it in me to go that direction way back then!

So, anyway, I have passed it on and hopefully they can chop and change it to be something which will redeem the time and effort of storing and carrying it around all this time!

Another exciting - at least to me - thing going on at the show was the woodcarvers who were working on a 'rocking dragon'.

For a donation you could have your name written on one of the scales. The money raised is going to Help for Heroes. So, how could I pass it up?
I have put a ring round 'my' scale.

The Help for Heros website states: "Ox & Bucks Woodcarvers fundraiser - Art in Action - in July was great fun and a success. They raised £3017 at this event and added to their running total from previous events they have reached a total of approx. £4,500."

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