Saturday, 30 April 2011

TV offcuts meeting

There was some debate as to whether we should have the Sewing group today as several were to be away. But we actually had a good number.

And we were all quite busy:

Anne S with her first project

Sheila who was busy with the winding gadget most of the time.

Julie was binding a colourful quilt.

Gill G was transfering her cling wrapped toile to pattern.

Anne K was making another patchwork bag.

Elaine was working on her project for the Thames Valley Contemporary Group exhibition coming up at the Slough Museum. A glimpse of mine is on the photo with Sheila, as I was also doing the stitching on it today.

Gill C was making another jacket a fusion of fabrics that were not quite enough but will now be even better as a one off.

and a new member, Gemma, made use of the space to develop her wedding gown.

She beavered away at positioning the lace motifs in just the right places throughout the day and the transformation was amazing.
I am sure she wouldn't thank me if her fiance got a glimpse of what it will really look like, so I will leave the photos at that.

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