Saturday, 23 April 2011

Peaceful path

On the way to the hospital, (my son went with me for moral support) we took a shortcut through the Margravine Cemetery.
As the parks website says:
"Margravine (or Hammersmith) Cemetery is one of the borough's most important public open spaces. The cemetery is well used and loved by local residents, and residents and visitors from neighbouring boroughs, many of whom access the cemetery on their way to the local tube station (Barons Court) or hospital (Charing Cross)."

The history of the cemetery was that by Act of Parliament further interments in the churchyards of the Metropolis were banned due to overcrowding and unsanitary conditions. It took a few years for the committee to decide where, but then the cholera epidemic forced their hand and land was chosen here. Now it is quite like a park in many ways.

Many of the memorials give a very Victorian feel to the place. Angels and words like "In memory of our little darling" for a 16 month old. Some of them were damaged in the bombing of WWII.

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