Friday, 29 April 2011

Out and About other interests

Today I am watching the WEDDING.

So some of the other interesting features of Virginia Water

Some of the more unusual plants:

I could never work out why they want vistas of skunk cabbage. But I guess I have never seen them all in bloom. I guess it keeps people from walking down to the lake that way!

wild rhubarb - but cultivated!

Various trees had their version of colour:

Some of the man made features. We didn't try to walk to the ones on the sign, like the Greek Temple folly and the water fall because we went in from a different entrance and I only managed to walk the bit that we did. If you go round the main lake it is something like 5 miles. I have done it before though.

The oblisk

The totum pole: A gift from British Columbia

It was a lovely day enhanced by the fact that it wasn't a bank holiday, so wasn't teeming with people and dogs!

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