Saturday, 2 April 2011


We went for an out and about today.
along the way we saw this:
I am pretty chuffed with this photo... I took it out the window at 70 odd mph. It is a very vintage BMW.

We parked near this:
Which means nothing to you, but is quite near the spelling of my maiden name.

And went into this while the men walked the dog:
Because they were having a %60/%40 sale as a fund raiser for the National Needlework Archive. I got some nice lengths of wool, and even some hair canvas at extremely reasonable prices. that will be helpful to the students next year when they do their tailored jackets as I can offer them a part of a metre for their sample jacket while they are still deciding what kind they will need to purchase for themselves.

I met one of my students there.

I also donated a couple piles of magazines to the National Needlework Archive which is also at the Textile centre. The college was clearing out last year and I kept the Vogue and the Burda ones to donate, but never got over there.

I also got rid of my large bag of patterns. yes, there were some in there that were special to me. yes, there were some that were vintage and I could have sold on ebay. but on the otherhand, I don't know how nor do I have the time. So, they can either archive them or sell them and then the money will help with the charity.

I might regret it, but I doubt it, as I haven't even looked at them since I started drafting my own. It was almost to the point where I was considering using them as paper layers in artwork. but now someone can use them and if I really need that sort of imagery, I can go pick up one in a charity shop to chop up.

and then we came home, left the dog and went out for a meal to cover a Certain Lad's birthday and Mothering Sunday all together. (and they are doing tomorrow's dinner as well!)

Good day all told.

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