Monday, 25 April 2011

Art in the Garden

Also last week - Thursday - I participated in the Art in the Gardens event at Caversham Court Gardens in Reading.

You might remember last year's event was on the 1st April and I was sewing with layers of clothing and gloves on my hands!

This year I had summer clothes! I have been seeing on some of the blogs I follow from New England that they have had snow! We have had summer in April. It does go a long way to cheering you up with you have been a bit unwell.

We were meant to be doing things about the Royal Wedding. I couldn't quite bring myself to do twee things like they were suggesting - hearts and whatnot. So what would I do with it later? and after all, what do you even do with any of the Royal Wedding trinkets that are cluttering the shops? Do I need to add to that?
So, I brought my Tudor pieces and used those for a focus (with the dragons on the wall at the back). So, I decided to do a crown for the demo. It is close enough of a connection with Royal Weddings and I can actually find a use for it someway in the future.

It was a lovely day chatting to people and getting them interested in trying new things on their own machines or of showing them what could be done with a machine.

It was good publicity for the college, but for me as well! Someone came from a Radio Station and did an interview. It should be broadcast on Tuesday. I need to work out which one it was because all she said was the frequency numbers.
Also, one of the marketing team from the college came and did a video was really more about me talking about the work I was doing and explaining a bit. Some of the same things I say to people as they come around to visit my stand. It will be on the College Website soon.

One of my colleagues came by and I ask him to get a photo of me demoing. He seemed to be trying to get the focus just right. I didn't realise he was just snapping away to "get the right photo", as he put it. Someone was there wanting to talk to me and I was getting more and more self conscious, so was sort of joking. But the results were some pretty good photos. Some of the more silly ones I haven't put up here though!

A very good day...Just being out in the sun sewing and talking to people about sewing has been quite helpful in getting me motivated again.

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