Friday, 1 April 2011


caught up at last.

So, amongst other things I have been doing this week is adding photos to the blog for the Slough Museum project. Some of the artists haven't done blogs before, so I said I would do it.
you ought to have a look! Some great work going on.
Blog link

tonight a Certain Lad came home. His birthday was the other day, but we are combining birthday and Mothering Sunday this weekend.
and since DH has a new hobby of baking, he did the cake. Pretty cool.
okay, I added the ribbon and the squiggles.

His cakes always work because he follows the recipe. and sure enough, it looks like the photo in the book. Well, I blame it on his scientific background. Life is too interesting to follow recipes if you ask me.

but you didn't. and it tastes good, and I didn't have to do the slaving over a hot oven part, so there we are then.

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