Friday, 22 April 2011

Numbing things

It is surprising how some things loom so much that you can seem to work your way past them. Normal motivation seems eaten up by the big shadow they cast.

Last week I had some tests about some of the problems I am having with my legs. It wasn't really a scary thing, but because it sounded like it could be a scary thing, it sort of numbed me a bit. But it is done now and so to wait for the results.

I did get small amounts of things done, but nothing really to show. and some of those things were for secret project no.1 ...but at this point the rest needs to be secret.

But anyway, my imagination seems to have started back up again, so here are a few posts to get the blog back going again!

In the front of the hospital there was a pond (well there was water and a fountain). There were fish in the pond. A few were just a bit more unique.

a white with grey on top

a fully white one

and a very gold one.

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