Friday, 24 October 2008

Posh Wrap

So, this week I have been sorting out what events I will be attending in Houston and what clothes I should bring or wear for each event. I realised that although Houston has better weather than we do at present, they also like to crank up the air conditioning! So, when I wear my posh skirt at the Bernina Show and reception, I know I will be nervous and I may feel chilly if the air conditioning is on freeze. I don't have time for some posh jacket, and besides I don't want to swealter. I could wear a cardigan, but suddenly, it wouldn't be posh any more. So, I decided to take scraps from the skirt and make a wrap. (I mean these are really scraps. Especially for the tafffeta. I had already used that fabric for the lining of last year's Bernina ensemble skirt, so the posh skirt for me was made from the leftovers.)

Posh Wrap using the "Chop, Chop, Sew, Sew" method. Basically I just took a length of the white synthetic organza, and a length of the taffeta. I chopped the taffeta in half lengthwise and gathered it a bit with a long stitch on the sewing machine. Then I overlocked it onto the white with my overlocker (US term=serger). I just stuck it on, not fussing...they didn't even have properly straight edges!

The first strip didn't keep the gathering as much, so I just carried the extra round to the end. Then the other side actually worked. So, I needed a bit for the other end. I discovered I had a shaped piece that was cut on the bias so I just thought I would put it on there and then trim it. But I decided to leave it the way it was! Okay I was pretending to be a designer...Oh yeah, I am. (Smile!) So then I overlocked all round the outside edge. Then I made beaded tassle bits like I did for the skirt which makes it all work with the handbag.
Tassle Detail
Voila! One posh wrap.
I like the idea of having one side more ruffled than the other, as I will wear that side against my neck and the frill won't get annoying. Did I say I don't normally do the scarf/shawl/ wrap thing. I will see how I get on with this. If I like it, I may change my ways.

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Ann O'Donovan, Devon, UK said...

Like it!Simple but very effective. Have fun in Houston- look forward to hearing all about it on your return to the UK.