Monday, 20 October 2008

White Jeans Skirt

Here is my latest project. It looks a bit summery for the weather we are having here...but it will be great for Houston. I made it using a large pair of white jeans I got at a charity shop ages ago.

I meant to use the top part with all the usual jeans accoutrements. However, after I chopped it at level of the top of the inner seam, I got it pinned and shaped to M'Lady, and then it sat there.

I meant to add some sort of fabric to the bottom in a somewhat similar way as this one. The problem was, though, that length is the wrong proportion for me to start adding to. I learned this on the "No Rules" skirt, although being all one colour, it's not so bad and I wear that skirt all the time. Only the other day I thought of a plan to resolve that issue with the top of the jeans. So, you may see it in days to come. BUT, in the meantime, I got out my skirt toile and realised there was enough fabric in the thighs to cut front and back using the inner seam for the CF and CB. The length, then, would be as you see here, not too much shorter, but enough to make difference.
The bits I added to the bottom are blue plaids from a HUGE pile of quilting cottons my friend Gabrielle gave me. (I gave most to Helen who helped me set up the blog, as she sews cot quilts for a hospital.) Even though it was several fat quarters I thought they went well together. So, I just started playing. I am on a godet thing at the minute, so it got godets. However, it started looking like a ra-ra skirt...which I am NOT the age or shape to wear. Then I found another bit that had got buried under stuff I was doing for my teaching training course. It was just big enough to cut strips which I sewed together to go round the hem. With the cream background, it worked well to bring the look of the creamy blue one in the pockets, etc down to the bottom part, and so it tied the look together, and made it less of a ra-ra skirt. I topstitched all the seams down with blue thread (free from Sulky, left over from the Bernina Ensemble).
I hope I don't look too cheerleaderish, but I think I will wear it to the class I am taking about "Denim RE: Vamped!" taught by Tracy Bautista. At least the class will appreciate it if no one else does!

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