Saturday, 18 October 2008

Journal Quilt Returns!!

So, last night our son showed up from uni for the weekend. He wants to collect his bike and skateboards. Apparently he is doing skateboarding with a new friend, and has a collection of scars on knees and elbows. How many years ago has it been since he was doing that?

Also, my journal quilt from last year arrived from Quilts, Inc in Houston. I could put a label on saying "This quilt survived Hurricane Ike!" They were about to send the quilts out when the warnings for the hurricane came. Instead of sending them out with the possibility of them ending up in a washed out post office somewhere, everything was moved from their upper story business to the ground floor or basement. When the hurricane came, the building did suffer damage and windows were blown out of their floor. However, all has been sorted and the quilts sent out a week or so ago. I was so glad to get it!
I had wondered how the bits of grapefruit peel would stand up to all the travel. Besides Houston, it has also been in Chicago and Long Beach, and perhaps a few more places. A few tips of the peel have broken off, but the composition of the piece has not been compromised. I have a few more dried grapefruit peel peices I could replace them with, but I think it will be alright.

Actually,I nearly missed it, since the parcel man left a note in the letter box that he had left it at the local PO! I was in all day, but never heard the bell if he rang it. I am sure I would have, since the dog barks furiously! (That's why we have a seperate letter box mounted outside. Otherwise the post ends up with teethmarks punched into it.)

Along with the journal from last year, was the one which Karey Bresenhan kindly included on page 40 in her book Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project. Now that it is back I can take all my Tudor Journals (2004 and 2006) and make a book with them. I think I might add about 3 more, as I always meant to do Henry's brother and sisters. and I want to make an interesting cover as well. Which life will I find time to do that in I wonder?

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