Friday, 17 October 2008

Audio books

A good time to start a blog is when your computer has stopped speaking to your camera! So we start off with photos that are already in the files.
I like reading, but when I am trying to get sewing projects done, I have to avoid books. However, I have discovered that I can order audio books from my library. They are very good at helping me concentrate and get jobs done. If I am engrossed in a story, I don't have such a tendancy to go off to the kitchen for something to munch on, or wander round the house trying to find things to start a wash. (Funny I am never tempted to clean the oven, but I do attack the hob once in a while!) Another help is that when I have got to a stuck place on a project and have allowed it to become a hurdle, I've found I can put on a book and then just let the hands and instincts take over, and before long ...Voila! I can get onto the next thing.

So, anyway, because of this audio book dependancy, I have developed a really special relationship with the librarians at the Birch Hill Library. (Mainly Simon and Lisa) I also take my BIG projects down to show them...well, after all they have sort of had a hand in it. Last year, before Pat retired, I showed them some of my journal quilts, and they let me put a selection of them in the display case in the front entry. This year, Simon, who is now in charge, asked if I'd like to do another display. So, I have had more work up for a few months.

I finished off the Solar Optics pieces I had started, put them with the rest, and also the Migraine pieces. Apparently there is alot of interest. Below is a photo...but the display glass makes it hard to photograph.

Here is the Blurb:

Sun in My Eyes

In these pieces, local Textile Artist, Sandy Snowden,
explores the effect of the sun on vision.

Close your eyes.
What do you see when you’ve been in the bright sun?

The bright pieces of art are from a series called Solar Optics;
Sandy considers those bright spots you can still see
when your eyes are shut.
In the darker pieces, she investigates migraines,
brought on by the sun.

And NOW...they said, "Do you want to do a little workshop?" Usually we rely on people from the "big" library to come do things. But, we could do our Own thing... SO, on the 26th Nov. I will be doing a workshop about making Christmas boxes!

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