Thursday, 8 November 2018

I like Thankful Thursday

More Autumn is happening around here.
I like the glow that comes with the combo of the red with green and the sun...great mix!

Maples near the hospital car park.

and in the garden
The Acer by the back fence (magnolia in front right)
Deep colours in the bush by the back door. Which I thought was a blueberry bush, but the Gardener says no.

Indoors, I am waking up the Amaryllis. They are ready for it. Even stored in the shed since the spring, they all have a little growth.

This photo was taken on the 31st October.

And here - spot the difference from 1 week! Actually, the second one in had grown inches within a couple days! I think the 2 on the left are still thinking about it.

I love Amaryllis! You probably recall the regular reports last year! I woke the first one up in October last year - then bought some more. This year I waited til November, in hopes that they flower together near Christmas.

This past weekend was also the weekend we packed up the Christmas Shoe boxes to send for Operation Christmas Child.

The Thoughtful Man and I enjoy finding bits and pieces to put in our boxes. We like to select special specific things beyond toiletries and school supplies. I like to imagine who might receive the box. I heard about a girl who had recently began sewing for family and friends.
The box she got had sewing supplies 😁! So I thought i can do that! So the older girl has sewing things.

The younger girl has sharing stuff to do with friends or a sister.
The younger boy had Plasticine for making and games to do with friends.
The older boy, I am thinking likes building and music,like my son did. So his special things are a recorder and a small Meccano set. I hope they all enjoy them!

And then, here are all the boxes done by the people in our small church.

There is Pat, our organiser, trying to stay out of the photo!

How exciting to see that 30 children can have the joy of opening a box and discovering the treasures inside!
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LA Paylor said...

and now I have tears in my eyes for how thoughtful the boxes are! And how joyous the children will be to open them full like stockings! I like an amaryllis too and yours grew a lot in one week. Here's to many colorful dramatic blooms!

Sally Hurley said...

A shoebox full of loot! Those are great!

Suzanne said...

We use to take part in the Christmas Box group at a local Church...such a wonderful program. said...

Gorgeous picture and color. Love the Shoebox idea. I saw that somewhere else too, the kids opening their boxes.

Jean said...

Pretty fall colors! My boys and I have made the Shoe boxes before. You picked out such thoughtful items to add to your boxes! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.