Thursday, 18 January 2018

I like Thankful Thursday

A bit late today. Getting things done! so, just a few.

Related to that...finally done with the 'secret' projects that I can't show yet. and I definitely like being able to work on something I can show.

Just at the fusing stage.
Ramshackle Row will be sent off for the SAQA Spotlight Auction at the upcoming conference. Nice to work small again, too! Should get to the stitching tomorrow.

And something I like very much - my collection of deep red glass which came from Romania.
This was about 27 years ago when we were visiting several times with aid after the revolution. Most of these vases we bought. And last year we were left the tall one we had previously gifted to Mum.

To see what the others like today, go to Lee Anna's blog for the links.

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Sally Hurley said...

Your project looks very cool. Such detailed cutting!