Friday, 19 January 2018

Amarylis update

I mentioned these at the beginning of the year.

The red amarylis has now gone by, but the very tall one - white with red - has first opened all 4 flowers on the first stem last week.
And now, also the 4 flowers on the second stem. In the above photo it is still holding the 4 flowers in the bud.
And here it is with all the flowers open. It is very top heavy, so the stem of the red one is holding it up. The flowers on the first stem are already wilting. I think it is because it is so near the top part of the window which we open when I am cooking. So, perhaps got a bit of a chill.
Very far to the left bottom corner, you can just see the stem of the white one. It is taking it's time to do things.

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Michele McLaughlin said...

Well that is a happy sight! They are thrilling to watch, aren't they? Have a wonderful day!