Sunday, 14 January 2018

Bead on - 8-14Jan

week 2 - 2018

The Bead on fabric project starts to be a little more interesting than one bead stack every other square.
This week there were 2 days with something a little special going on. Not at the level of New Years or birthdays. But I wanted to mark them. And so I used the same beads for the 'special days', but left the sequin out. So, this will help to give an added flow to the look.

I have been finishing a big project this always takes more time than you think to fill out forms and enter something. So, I didn't get as much done on the Dutch Spiral trim. But that is okay.
It is very hard to keep the thread from breaking because the bugle beads have some sharp edges. And, it uses up thread quite quickly. But still, it will eventually get done.

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LA Paylor said...

bugles... yes. And putting a tiny seed on each end changes the look. I used to always us silamide to bead on fabric but for bugles I changed to the peyote thread fine gauge fireline. Even on fabric, it behaves like thread but stands up to bugles better.