Sunday, 7 January 2018

Bead on - 1-7Jan

week 1 - 2018

A couple weeks ago I posted about my idea for the bead project for 2018.
I showed my sample idea of beading onto a fabric with squares marked on it...okay...gridded fabric.

I said:
I have just enough of this fabric to do every other square and so fill it for the year. Part of this is inspired by Jeanne Williamson's Dates in a Life project. I just really like the idea of working in the squares. and when a scrap of the square fabric was on my table, it came to my mind to use it.

In the photo, I just chose beads and sequins to try a random pattern for covering the fabric, rather than the same thing every day which, though sparkly, would produce a boring flat look. This idea will mean the variation will add interest.

And so, here is the first week of the new project. I work right to left when I stitch like this.
The concept is the same, but I am adding an extra set of beads on the square following a holiday or family birthday or other special day. So, the square following 1 January for New Years Day, and my Mom's 80th birthday!
As it progresses, I may see how another dimension can be added to it, in a similar (but not matching) way to the lines on Jeanne's piece.

And wow!
One set of beads per day does give you a lot more time for something else! This is what I need for this year. I have a few other bead things going on, so this means I can give them more attention.

One of these projects or aims was to work more steadily on what I was referring to as samples or trims.
The Dutch Spiral I have been working on, has not been extremely easy...! But I am determined to get it done. So, at the moment, I have worked out if I can do about 2 inches a day, I may get to the approx. 1 metre or 40 inches goal by the end of January. I have only done a few days of that this week, but I had several inches there from 2017.
So, where it stands at the end of week 1.

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Linda M said...

Interesting new start for the beading, so many possibilities .