Sunday, 21 January 2018

Bead on - 15-21Jan

week 3 - 2018

Bead on fabric to date:
Just one special set this week...Saturday because of the TVCT meeting. look at the farthest left you can just see. Photo somewhat late at night. Won't be too exciting til there is a few more weeks on there.

Bead trim update:
I decided 20 inches was enough for the Dutch Spiral. It is taking too much time, too many thread breaks and using too much thread. and too frustrating.
As you can see, I haven't had the heart to sew in the thread tails.

Such a relief to put it away!

So, I have chosen to do a Double St. Petersburg chain. I did a St Petersburg chain started in January last year. I didn't particularly like my colour choice, so it took a few months to finish. (Besides I was doing to many other things!) Now I want to go on to try the double variation.
This is already enjoyable and going quickly. I  may be able to complete the first side by the end of the month.

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