Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Finally today - I sewed.

For several days I have been struggling with pain in my hips and legs. For whatever reason, today it has stopped being severe! I am reluctant to say they are good, but still.
Perhaps I knocked things into place when I stumbled in the night and crashed into the doorframe. Yeah. Not so good as I have a very bruised arm. But as we are told, in everything give thanks! So, bruises can be dealt with using arnica cream. But horrible hips and legs and feet are another matter.

Anyway! Because I could move w/out pain again, I actually managed to make binding and sew it onto the secret project that has to be entered this week.
Another good thing was that with the limited amount of fabric I had left that would make the best binding, I ended up with about 1 ft of it left. Phew! This is the biggest piece I have made -approx. 1 metre x 2 metres. I had so much from trimming the quilt to size, but that wouldn't count turning corners. I had a very small amount left from a previous work I used this brown in. It was enough to cut more of the binding. I normally do double binding, but this time did single.
This is the back of the quilt so I don't break any rules about showing photos before time. So, now to sit and stitch it down.

And then I can make something smaller and quicker. Looking forward to having a clear head about what is next to make.

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irene macwilliam said...

good to hear you have had some relief. Having had a knee and both hips replaced I know too well how pain can get you down and limit your activities