Friday, 28 October 2016

Willow design work

How I work:
On the computer
- inspiration photos so I can remember stem colour, overall colour and then shapes of leaves.
Pinning to the dummy (or to the design wall or laying things out on a piece on my table) - In this case, in real life the strips look more green than the photo. I was trying to see if I could get away with just the one layer of sheer fabric which I showed you yesterday.
But no. Too much of the blue. And comparing it to the close up leaves in the inspiration photo on the right, the answer is definitely not.

Bits and pieces going on at the same time - String dyed and now drying to be used for the willow stems.
I had tarragon+tea mixture left from earlier in the year when I dyed silk for the Mere Edges piece. It has already dyed the plastic container yellow and it is time for it to stop hanging around in my studio.
So, I stirred it and the string went in. Nuked it in the microwave 4 min. and left to sit while tearing the strips above. Now it is drying on the radiator in the downstairs loo.

So, the next step will be to stitch a string down the middle of the synthetic organza strip with a pale green colour underneath. Then take a deep breath to be brave enough to begin cutting leaves. (!) With the soldering iron so the edges are sealed.

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