Sunday, 9 October 2016

orange sequins for the daily beading

Too much over doing Even more meetings and not enough recovery catching up going on around here.
... On Thursday, after asking at all the bead stands I could find at K+S who did not have orange sequins, I finally found some at Glitterati.

Well, they shout ORANGE. and I am not sure about how much they overwhelm the more subtle orange beads I will be using. The sort of look like Halloween which was not my intent for October. I wanted to say Autumn.

The sequins I have used for other colours are translucent, these are matt. I knew they were bright, but after getting home and using these, they seem are fairly florescent.
So, I am deliberating about using copper ones after all.
What do you think? The 2 bits I have already sewn are using the new bright sequins.

For comparison, orange sequins from last year when I ran out:
orange translucent on left and a goldish one I thought was most like the first.

So, still working this out. Sorry there is so much catching up going on with this project lately! I am thinking that I need to really cut back on how much time this is using up.
Or do less?

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