Saturday, 8 October 2016

Stitching at Knitting and Stitching

Just a couple photos from going to the Knitting and Stitching Show on Thursday.

One of the first things:
Getting involved with a communal stitching project...based on an idea in the book shown about how girls were judged on the amount of their stitches. This was part of the exhibition by the group Un.Fold.

So, we took 2 pieces of calico and did stitches. Competitive if you wanted. I have never took the time to aim for few and/or even (or even straight!).
They counted the stitches and wrote them on the tag. Well, I counted them and wrote a number, but she said to count the ones on back as well! Ok. So it was 56.
They are going to do something with all of them at some point.

I found another person working with fishing net techniques! Gail Baxter All under the name of contemporary lace.
Now you see 2 makes it not so strange. She was also excited that someone else saw the potential. Only she has discovered further 'stitches' and shapes!
Start with one thread and get a circle by adding some (I need her to tell me how!)


Margaret Cooter said...

Anya Gallacio recently had some netting pieces on show at the Camden Arts Centre, in the Unmaking and Making show. I was so intrigued at how the threads interwove - this was much more complicated than plain netting. There's a detail of her gold lame net here - - not a complicated as the one I saw!

Aha, here's the "ropey" version -

Cornelia Parker also made some nets -

Sandy said...

Oh Thanks Margaret,
I will look those up and see where they take me.