Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hunter - Gatherer Stage

There is a SAQA call for entry coming up called H2OH!. They are accepting wearables.
I had thought maybe to develop further my Ripples and Swirls top from the Pattern Review Sewing Bee...add beads in an 'eddy' here and there. But it is so very comfortable I don't want to lose sight of it should it be accepted!
Furthermore, a small top in a big place would not make much of a statement. So, I have been thinking and have had an idea for something watery for sometime. So, I am going with it. I have had a few more thoughts and bright ideas and now it is time to begin to develop it.

SO, today I started the Hunter-Gatherer stage. Collecting fabrics and embellishments which might contribute to the whole.
I am also not yet at the stage where I want to say what I have in mind, but it will come!



I may add to this and will almost definitely take some things away. I guess you would call it a palette from which I will work.

I have also oiled Mademoiselle because she squeaks very loudly as you turn her this way and that draping and stitching things. This was almost too much when I was stitching on the 'tears' to the last piece!

And should these pieces not be accepted, no worries. It will mean I am ahead with garments for shows! The solo show the last 2 weeks of March at Lady Sew and Sew, Henley Art Trail and The fashion show at the Festival of Quilts.

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