Thursday, 27 October 2016


One of the synthetic organza fabrics I thought I might use for Willows by the Watercourses (H2OH! piece) is sort of citrus green one way and blue the other. This is going to work well because I want the water to be reflecting the willow tree. When vertical, it shows the green side more, and if I layer that with a green, I can cut willow leaves out of it.

I cut the piece in half lengthwise. Then while pressing it discovered the iron hadn't adjusted to the temp setting yet and I got a ripple in the fabric. Oh! Ripple!
It seems the iron becomes too hot just when it is nearly adjusted - like it gives a burst of heat and then cools to the temp. So, I used that to my advantage and rippled the whole of one of the pieces.

Okay, a bit like taking photos of air, but it gives a bit of idea.
You can see the rippled piece on the left and the smooth piece on the right.

When the rippled piece is turned horizontal, then you see the blue rippled water with a hint of green 'reflection'.

I may layer this piece over some other blues to create a bit of depth in the water.

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