Monday, 17 October 2016


After a busy weekend with Harvest and outings to a Drama play with friends, I am back at the current project.

I mentioned joining the parts of the bodice made of hair canvas with fabric that lines as well as turns to the front. I hadn't thought about how much the quilting fabric would fray. But, I found a solution that adds to what I am trying to show.
One of the seams...caught down with a fancy featherstitch from my machine.
The seams were meant to be like foliage peeking between limbs of a tree anyway, so this works well. The little frayed bits will eventually add to the whole.

At the moment, the working title is Willows by the Watercourses. So, thinking about developing the willow a bit more. I don't want to recreate a willow, because I want to focus on the water side of it.

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